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Donor FAQs

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Where are the Re.Use.Full charity partners located?

We’re currently focused on KC-area organizations, schools and churches with a 501(c)(3) status only. We hope to expand to other metro areas soon. 

How do I know I am giving my items to a legitimate organization?

All Re.Use.Full charity partners listed on the site are verified registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits. You can visit the nonprofit’s website or look them up on Charity Navigator to find additional information before you decide to give to them.

Are there any restrictions on what can be donated? How used can my items be?

While items don’t need to be in excellent condition, be mindful when deciding if something is in good enough condition to go to a second home. Our rule of thumb when deciding whether an item is in good enough condition to be donated is to ask yourself whether you would give it to a family member. Please refrain from donating expired canned goods, recalled foods, stained or torn clothing, books with tons of pages ripped out or shoes with the soles worn out. 

If you’re looking for a home for off-season items, organizations may be reluctant to take them as they have limited space for storage. Also, don’t assume a charity will welcome an in-kind gift simply because it has value. You should contact the organization to make sure they can make good use of your contribution before you decide to drop it off. We require organizations to update their pages regularly to ensure that they reflect their current needs so you should have a good idea what they’re accepting.

Will I get updates on how the organizations I’ve learned about are doing or how they utilized my donations?

While volunteering for these organizations or signing up for their mailing list are probably the best ways to see how the items are being utilized, we also have a blog that will feature pictures of how the donations have impacted our charity partners and will offer testimonials of how these donations have helped.

If you have any pictures of your donations in action, please email them to or tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BeReUseFull.

What our Donors are Saying

Please pass on how FABULOUS I think Un-Dumpster Day was… I don’t know who to tell, but please tell them how wonderful to have ALL of these agencies in the same place at the same time, and your location is PERFECT. I can’t gush enough. I hope this becomes an annual tradition – it’d be great to be able to count on this every year.


I brought a car-full of shredding, electronic, and clothes – with some trepidation about how I could get it all out of my very small car, which Mike helped me load. There was no need to worry – there were so many pleasant, helpful (and cold!) volunteers – it was easy.

It was obvious how much planning and organizing went into the event, and it was a very positive experience for me. I hope you are happy with the results of the day, and proud of the work being done by Re-Use-Full. I’ll be back next year – and now know to organize the items as I pack them so I can move gracefully from one lane to the other!

Thanks for giving our commuity the opportunity to re-cycle in this very positive way.


About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Re.Use.Full’s mission is to encourage simple, sustainable living in local communities by connecting donors with gently used items to the people, pets, and nonprofits that need them.

Giving used clothing and household goods a second life can benefit charities—providing much-needed funding—while limiting the impact of clothing and textiles on the environment and, over time, reducing the demand for new products to ultimately save precious natural resources.

In doing so, Re.Use.Full’s vision is to end resource inequality and waste as an empowered and informed society.

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