Frequently Asked Questions about Re.Use.Full

Charity Partner FAQs

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Find answers to common questions about Re.Use.Full below.

How do I register my organization?

We’re currently accepting registrations from KC-area organizations, schools and churches with a 501(c)(3) status only. We hope to expand to other metro areas soon.

Signing up with Re.Use.Full is easy–and FREE! Just click the Signup link under the For Charity Partners menu and enter the following information.

  • Organization name
  • Contact person’s name, email address and phone
  • Your organization’s address, website, budget size, logo and EIN
  • Whether you accept drop-off donations and pick up donations
  • Whether you’re a faith-based organization
  • The type of charity you are (animals and pets, children and youth, etc.) and types of gently used items you accept
  • Your mission and organization description
  • Links to your Amazon Wishlist and cash donations and volunteer signup pages, if you have them

How many donations can we expect to receive?

It depends. If you need items people commonly have to give, you may receive more. If the items you need are less common, you might not receive as many.

You can always increase your donations by making sure your in-kind donation process is donor-friendly. Check out this blog post by Re.Use.Full founder Leslie Scott for tips on how to maximize the quality and quantity of the in-kind donations you receive.

What can I do to make my organization more appealing to potential donors?

Having a working website that offers valuable insight into your organization is one of the best ways to appeal to potential donors. Make sure you keep the contact information of the person who handles donations current and be responsive to potential donors when they contact you. 

Use the Description section to tell the story of your organization’s work and provide more details about the items you need.

What if I have a question about an item I need donated that isn’t already listed on the website?

We understand that we may not cover all categories of items you might need.

If you don’t see the category of items your organization could use, let us know by emailing

We are always updating our website to match our donors’ and organizations’ needs.

What if a donor drops off items we didn’t put out a need for on the site?

We understand that regardless of our specific process of giving and receiving items, donors may still give you items you can’t use. If a donor tries to bring you something that you didn’t request, you can kindly refuse the donation.

Alternatively, you can accept the donation and use Re.Use.Full to find an organization that does need the item. Just click on the Donate menu item.
You can help potential donors and other organizations by making sure you are updating your page with the items you need, which can be managed by clicking Update Profile in the For Charity Partners menu.

What our Charity Partners are Saying

Thank you again for supporting Big Brothers Big Sister and inviting us to your event. This time around there were 398 Pounds of clothes and 978 Pounds is MISC Household goods donated in support of BBBS.

Craig Mattke, Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City

For many low-income families who now rely on digital communication to meet their basic needs, a refurbished 
computer from PCs for People becomes a life-saver. Thanks to Re.Use.Full and its innovative ‘Un-Dumpster Day’ events, we’ve collected dozens of computers and electronics items to boost our ‘digital inclusion’ impact!” 

Kelli Kelly, PCs for People

Thank you for inviting us to
participate! We collected a HUGE amount of donations for our clients. You did an amazing job organizing the event and demonstrating how collaboration multiplies the impact of nonprofits. I’m looking forward to taking part again!

Elinor Noyes, Flourish Furnishings

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Re.Use.Full’s mission is to encourage simple, sustainable living in local communities by connecting donors with gently used items to the people, pets, and nonprofits that need them.

Giving used clothing and household goods a second life can benefit charities—providing much-needed funding—while limiting the impact of clothing and textiles on the environment and, over time, reducing the demand for new products to ultimately save precious natural resources.

In doing so, Re.Use.Full’s vision is to end resource inequality and waste as an empowered and informed society.